Image credit: John Bell Thomson

This poem is co-created by three different artists (John Bell Thomson, Jo Ahlberg and Alexa Ndra's) on WriteStuff. It portrays an abused woman who hides behind her painted face, but triumphs over adversity, reclaiming her life and having no need to hide behind that painted face, no disgrace.


Is it the way she paints her face. The way she leaves no trace of what's been happening around the place. It's the way she paints her face.

No expression she will give you. No descrption of what she hides. She is one of the only few. Her future is left to you.

I am the woman who paints her face. I hide the pain in a drowning disgrace. Every lash upon my cheek. Every lick of blood has streaked.

If only they knew, I wouldn't show you, that you were the one that drew, the pain I hide from your angry pride. I do hate you, I frown on you.

I am the woman who paints her face, the person who is forced to hide her disgrace. Crafted wings of eyes so blue. Hair dip dyed, lip smacked sheen, I hide behind lies, my pain unseen.

It is the way she painted her face. The way she left no trace. It is the way she leaves this place. Her future was left to you.

I now have no need to paint my face. YOU ARE THE ONE THAT IS THE DISGRACE.

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