Poem - Beyond

I have a strange fascination with quantum physics, consciousness and reality. Here is my poem to reflect the balance of nature within our own solar system. However, whatever, whoever our ‘Creator’, there is no doubt of the beauty of our universe and how we perceive that reality.


Formed, from the dust of a supernova explosion

Remnants of a far-off distant memory

The nuclear core turning matter into energy

But watch, the strength of its gravitational pull

Controlling the circular and elliptical balance of nature

Of the solar system in all its fine stature.


Locked, in our star’s alluring grip

One side burnt and scorched by the sun

The other frozen, cold and alone

But look, the planet is particularly small

Battle-scarred and beaten, bruised and sore

The outer layers blasted down to its iron core.


Mesmerising, the goddess of love

With yellow clouds that reflect the light

Our brightest celestial body, dazzling at night

But wait, below the plumes of heavenly rays

Lurks danger, pressure, fumes and heat

The deadly forces rendering life obsolete.


Paradise, situated in the ‘Goldilocks’ zone

Not too close, not too far, air, water and light

With a regular, circular orbit, stable and right

But why, did life choose to evolve here?

Through the electromagnetic field, evolution and events

Protected by our neighbours, time well spent.


Extinct, consists of rocks, volcanoes and canyons

Red, dead, yet underground liquid currents amass

Olympus Mons, waiting, to reignite times of the past

But listen, to the sound of wind in the distance

Dust storms whirling, dancing on the sand

The thick plumes of cloud cover the barren land.


Powerful, protective neighbour of the rocky planets

Made from the simplest elements in space

Whirlpools of clouds forming the surface embrace

But notice, over sixty moons trapped in its forceful grip

The beauty of Europa with dark lines, ridges and tracks

Just may well harbour ‘life’ under those frozen cracks.


Mesmerising, the jewel in our solar system’s crown

The outer gaseous atmosphere pale yellow and light

The spectacular rings, what a wonderful sight

But move closer, it is necessary to take a better look

The arcs comprise of billions of pieces of ice, rock and dust

From collisions with other contenders, albeit fair yet unjust.


Tilting, the result of a collision, spinning on its side

The captivating blue marble, featureless and smooth

One of the calmest planets, hazy, lazy and subdued

But wait a minute, there is so much more to view

The colliding moons create the rocky reserve

Encircling the giant in a faint planetary curve.


Ferocious, strong winds raging in its upper atmosphere

Storms of hydrogen, helium, methane, ammonia and ice

Forming blue and white bands across the surface entice

But watch out, be aware of the great, dark spot

The bitter, freezing planet generates its own internal heat

Firing up gales, which come and go only to repeat.


Relic, so cold in a remote area of deep, outer space

Producing the ultimate snapshot from a long time ago

The rock as black as coal and ice as bright as snow

But somehow, it is not a ‘planet’ but a dwarf planet

Residing with other known objects in the Kuiper Belt

A comet-rich place where the asteroids never melt.

Milky Way

Spiral, born from the collapse of a colossal star

Creating a phenomenon that is out of our sight

Four million times the mass of our sun – all power and might

But measure, the violent activity at the galactic heart

Lurking, waiting, is a supermassive black hole

Despite its size, brings chaos, order and control.

Interstellar Space

Incomprehensible, just one of billions of galaxies

That form clusters and superclusters on filaments in space

All tied together with dark matter, elegance and grace

But imagine, the glorious sights that lie ahead

Quasars, pulsars, exoplanets and the pillars of creation

For us, an endless source of contemplation and fascination.


Unimaginable, the wonders of our observable universe

What shall we encounter, the further we venture?

Will it be seductive new worlds or malevolent dark forces?

But question, how the cosmos can be so huge and so vast?

In the infinite expanse of space, are we not just a quantum reality?

To experience our dualistic journey through life and mortality.

©Marshall Hughes

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Pillars Of Creation

Image credit: NASA

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