Poem - Dark Forces

There are over 200 billion galaxies in the known universe with one common feature. At the centre of every galaxy lurks a supermassive black hole, millions/billions of times larger than our sun. The sheer size is incomprehensible to the human mind. Here is an insight into these mysterious entities.

Dark Ages

The beginning.

Singularity, BANG, so the laws of physics and cosmology declare

Where a cocktail of subatomic particles and electromagnetism ignite

Generating the building blocks of life, bound together with light

Plumes of cloud, dust and gas compete with the force of gravity

It crushes the mass through a technique called direct collapse

To create the first massive black holes as time and space elapse.

Supermassive Black Holes

Profound mystery.

In the early stages, how did these superstructures evolve?

Greedily devouring each other through a process of inflation

Or perhaps, the eerie, dark universe lies at the heart of creation

All that elusive material may have created gigantic, black stars

Who feed on dark-matter particles until it violently explodes

Creating this elusive phenomenon when it erupts and implodes.


Incomprehensible size.

Is the cosmos just one of an infinite number of vacuums in space?

A multiverse where the endless possibility of parallel universes exist

Shattering our perception of what is ‘real’ through a quantum reality twist.

Regardless, from the dark ages to stars, galaxies, clusters and superclusters

Embedded on filaments in space, floating, like a string of pearl beads

One can only imagine the extent of the whole which it supersedes.


Such elegance.

An eclectic mix of elliptical, irregular and spiral swirls

Each containing unimaginable beauty including the pillars of creation

Interstellar star nurseries, born inside heavenly, celestial formation

Our local group of galaxies belong to the Laniakea Supercluster

But unlike our gravitationally linked family, solid and sound

Superclusters are temporary configurations, dark energy bound.

Sagittarius A-Star*

Supernova remnant.

Lurking at the heart of our own Milky Way galaxy

A colossal vacuum in space with no luminous source

Lies a supermassive, dark and mysterious force

The Sagittarius A-Star* is thousands of light years away

The gravitational pull at the centre of this monstrous black hole

Devours material across the event horizon with no self-control.

Milky Way

Barred spiral.

Our galaxy comprises of billions of stars, dust and gas

With much more dark matter than one can imagine

All tied together by the force of gravity in action.

Safely situated in one of the swirling, galactic arms

Lies our young star and its stable planetary system

With celestial bodies, rings and moons co-existing.


Cosmic battle.

Within our local group, the fate of our demise awaits

The Milky Way and Andromeda galaxy lock together

By fixed gravitational forces, bound and aligned forever

In five billions years, a galactic showdown is inevitable

The supermassive black holes will infuse to become one

Creating an unfamiliar astrological structure, a new life begun.


Dark energy.

Despite the fact that the known universe is inextricably linked

A struggle between two opposing forces unfolds from the start

Where gravity attracts mass together and dark energy pulls it apart

This mysterious force, fuels expansion, towards a chilling demise

Ultimately, there is only one winner in this light versus dark extreme

Black holes, dark matter and dark energy reign absolute supreme.

©Marshall Hughes

Image Credit: NASA

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