Poem- Red But Not Dead

This poem is an extension of Never Truly Mine and Let It Go. It focuses on the hell-bent opposition of love, that of lust. A powerful emotion but one based on short-term gratification.

Just let it go

Let it go

Let go


You left, leaving a massive hole

Deep, deep down within my soul

The chasm in my heart, split in two

Broken, devastated, pining for you.

But wait, amongst the angst and pain

There is no room for regret or shame

For a love that is lost, never to return

You are no longer an area of concern.

And now, the memories start to fade

All that is left is blood red and dead

But the burning lust, passion and desire

For you, still lingers, like a raging fire.

Lust persists, devours and consumes my mind

The licks of flames seduce and intertwine

Fusing together a bond that may never cease

As it waits, waits in anticipation, for a fiery release.

It builds, the raging lust, it must come to a head

To reignite what is red but certainly not dead

That final encounter is one of insatiable demand

Our natural chemistry fuses together, all unplanned.

Down, down, down, goes the setting of the sun

For this desire and passion can never be undone

Lost in a place that is such a pleasurable torment

To touch, taste, smell, and drown in your scent.

Sinking in a sea of lust, your body, my temple

With each single touch, kiss, passion you tremble

My all-consuming desire releases with such force

Only to devour you once again, tender yet coarse.

The sexual gratification comes to a climactic end

Euphoric, indescribable and hard to comprehend

From the high to a dramatic low, we never learn

Lust is not love, an elusive term we both yearn.

Be gone, go, the venomous poison in my veins

Nothing, nothing at all, no longer remains

Enough is enough, no more anger, no more hate

No more love, no more lust, it is no longer fate.

©Marshall Hughes

Image Credit (Cristine Walter/MolBavar).

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