Poem - Diamond Life

This poem is about the beauty and strength of diamonds, the crystalline cut formed from the simplest of carbon elements forged in the earth’s mantle with a solid, unbreakable structure. And, I wrote this for someone special in my life.

There is no doubt, you are a diamond in your life and mine

Unbreakable, solid, mesmerisingly beautiful, cubic crystalline

Created in our earth’s mantle, a rare sight, solid and sound

The oldest of gemstones, nature’s ultimate art of perfection

With small, imperfections to illuminate light rays of reflection.

Eternal, knowledgeable, exquisite treasures of middle earth

The fiery furnace forges together carbon bonds through rebirth

From high pressure conditions emerges a new beauty of life

Escaping the depths of existence upon volcanic eruptions

To the surface, waiting, for our precision-cut transformation.

Let your imagination fly on a journey through time and space

To experience other worlds that create such elegance and grace

Your arms reach out, fingertips, touching this wonder of nature

Staring in awe, the diamond rain falls, ethereal, crystal clear

Forming in carbon-rich clouds, high up in the stratosphere.

Right here, right now, I want to drown in your structural scent

I can only presume, this is a place full of pleasurable torment

A floral delight, with rich undertones of rose, vanilla and cedar

Serious, sensual, vibrant, youthful, complex, all the traits I adore

You, my diamond life, are a rare symbol of love, forever more.

© Marshall Hughes

Final edit by the talented, Laura Grevel.

Check out Laura's blog on Life and Writing — Tellin' Stories.

Image Credit: Unknown

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