Out Of The Dark by Marshall Hughes is Book 1 of The Revenge Series.  Written in the first person present/first person past, the main character is also the narrator (Jayden Edward Scott), inviting the reader into the life and mind of a serial killer.  The main characters are:


Jayden Edward Scott - Serial Killer

Edward Scott - Jayden's father

Carolyn Scott - Jayden's mother

Annabel Taylor - Edward Scott's mistress

Reverend Charles McIntyre - Local Reverend

Kristina Cooper - Criminologist and Jayden Scott's love interest

Inspector Nicholas Canmore - Jayden's nemesis

Sergeant Jack Murray - Inspector Canmore's colleague

Sarah McLeod - Forensic specialist







Out Of The Dark

Narrator: Jayden Edward Scott

Come.  Come here. Come closer.

          Let me whisper in your ear. Let me tell you my secrets and take you on a journey that will chill your very soul.  I want to invite you into the life and mind of a serial killer.  My story may fascinate you or it might disgust you, but only you can decide.  My name is Jayden Edward Scott; a killer with no remorse, no guilt and no fear of retribution.  I am too clever to be caught, too meticulous in my method of killing and too smart to care.  At thirty years old, I am a self-made millionaire; businessman, entrepreneur and venture capitalist with copious amounts of money to spend on a lavish lifestyle.  I observe the London skyline from my apartment, contemplating how an innocent child can turn into a premeditated serial killer. The riverside property overlooks the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben and the River Thames.  The lights from the gothic buildings ripple eerily on the soft currents of the water as the clock in the tower bellows out eleven resounding strikes.  The noise startles me from my reverie of whom and what I have become.  My life has taken me from a sleepy coastal town on the east coast of Scotland, to the cosmopolitan city of Edinburgh and then, towards the capital city of London and beyond...






Into The Light
Narrator: Reverend Charles McIntyre

My mind is in turmoil. 

It is three o’clock in the morning, several hours after the bells on New Year’s Day.  I sit at the front of the church and gaze up at the wooden cross behind the pulpit.  I believe Jayden knows that I heard his confession.  He will come soon.  I saw him out the corner of my eye at the bedroom window as I made my way towards the kirk.  I drop my head forward as my hands reach up to cover my face, shaking it from side to side in disbelief.  I press my fingers into my temples, not sure how to process his words.  Since when was my Presbyterian Church a place for confession?

"Why did you kill your own father, Jayden?  Why?""




Back To The Dark


Narrator: Jayden Edward Scott​

My mind reels. 

I let go of the blade and drop to my knees.  

She repeats, "Don't do it, Jayden.  Please." 

I gasp.  "I'm so sorry."

This woman that I love, who I was just about to kill, lets out an inhumane cry of disbelief.  I wrap my arms around her body; the beautiful criminologist and psychopathic serial killer huddle together in the depths of the forest, seeking solace in each other's embrace.